Curly hair problems

Hi there! Most people envy curly hair and see curly hair as beautiful. Although curly hair is beautiful, with it comes some problems, #curlyhairproblems 😒 and unfortunately it doesn’t always look like this:

*photo of my real hair^*

Curly hair problem #1 :
– In a year you go through about 5 bottles of shampoo and about 3,000 bottles of conditioner

Curly hair problem #2:

When people constantly ask why I don’t brush my hair and no matter how many times I tell them, they won’t understand that if I brush my hair will become like a lion’s… if not worse.

*I found a meme talking about this problem😂*

Curly hair problem #3:

Only trying new hairstyles during weekends or holidays so if they go miserably wrong nobody will see you..

Curly hair problem #3:

When you spend about 30 min trying to tie your hair in a “perfect” ponytail..
Curly hair problem #4:

How you spend about three hours straightening your hair 

Curly hair problem #5:

Having tiny knots at the end of your curls and the only way to take them off is to rip them off.. literally

Curly hair problem #6 :

Losing enough hair in one day for about 7 people 😕

Curly hair problem #7:

Taking hourse to find a hairstyle that applies to your hair type

Curly hair problem #8:

Whenever there’s confetti is all I have to say..

Curly hair problem #9:

This cracks me up every time:

“Oh how I wish I have your hair!!”

And my answer usually would be:

“You’re joking right?”


“No, you don’t”

Curly hair problem #10:

No one knows that in reality your hair is actually twice as long as it actually looks.

That was the end of curly hair problems. You should love your natural curls despite all of the care needed and all the problems natural curls bring along with them ❤

Hope that you could relate to some of these! You could mention some more #curlyhairproblems that I didn’t mention in the comments.

Thank you for the follows and all of the support ♡

Loss is forever

When I first saw these three words on a blank screen, my mind got confused. Which kind of loss are these words referring to? Are they referring  to the  loss  caused by death  or  a loss due to a heartbreak or betrayal? Are  these words suggesting something about lost time or about people who you lost?

A million questions flashed through my mind, fast as lightning. I tried to sort out the confusion that these three words created for me. Until realisation dawned upon me. 

When I see the word ‘loss’ my mind immediately runs to a certain person. I went through so much pain cause of me losing this person. She meant a lot to me and it broke my heart to think that I have completely lost her forever.. But I’m not here to talk about heartbreak, I am here to talk about how loss is forever.

This girl I’m telling you about is my best friend. Yes, that’s right she is my best friend, present tense. Now you might be thinking how are you taking about loss if this person is still in your life? 

That’s easy, I did lose my best friend for a certain period of time. I lost three months without my best friend. Time cannot be made up for. Those three months are lost forever.

During those three months so many memories could have been made yet I lay here thinking about things that could have been.. 

So basically this is my interpretation of loss is forever. As when time is lost you can never get it back. 

~Hope you liked this~

-xoxo the nerdy writer ♡

My very first poem (Tick Tock)

Hi guys, so this is the very first poem that I wrote! Hope you like it 🙂

Tick tock

goes the clock

my heart beating

Yet I’m not breathing


People talking

People shouting

I smile

Yet I am not fine


Then again how can I be fine

when my mind runs ahead of me

and I’m silently shouting “please help


But nobody hears me


Tick tock

Still goes the clock

my heart beating

But I’m still not breathing



Poem dedicated to poetry :)

You were there for me

when no one else wasn’t

you put my feelings

into words

although you might have been

a little confusing to other people

you certainly cleared my head

from the dark cloud

surrounding me

and my disturbing thoughts

So I’m dedicating this poem

to none other but you,

my poetry

which understood me, even in my darkest time

I just wanted to express how thankful I am

for having an extremely riveting way

of putting feelings

into extraordinary words